Growing Up

I’ve posted before about Aidan getting really old and it feeling like it’s happening so fast. From braces, to turningĀ 12, to getting accepted to Latin– it just all seems to be happening faster than ever.

While it is fun to see his independence, it’s also bittersweet. This weekend he went away with two of his friends. The had fun, played video games and enjoyed pool time. He was so excited and looking forward to it. It was really fun to see his excitement. But it was weird to not have him around for the weekend.

I do appreciate that he still includes us in his life a little bit. I chaperoned a couple field trips and got to watch him and his friends being silly. He’s such a kind, sweet and very funny kid. As much as it hurts a little to see him grow- it makes us proud to see him grow into such a great young man.

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