No Place for Hate

On Halloween students at a neighboring school arrived to find racist slurs spray painted on the doors of their school. We live in a historically racist neighborhood that many of us have worked to overcome and demonstrate how much has changed.

A few days later there was a stand out to support the school community and show that we won’t stand for hate. The kids missed a little bit of school in the morning to come.

We need more kindness in the world and to set a better example.

15 Years of Wicked

15 years ago today the musical Wicked opened on Broadway.

We have seen the show a few times but this picture is from the first time- in London, 2014. Brendan had just turned 7.

During the whole trip, in every train station and any time he saw the poster, he insisted we had to see the show. On our last day, we went. Our seats were the first row of the balcony.

I’ll never forget watching him sing all the songs he watched on YouTube videos over and over. And I’ll never forget him telling us (once again) that someday he wanted to be one of the people on the stage telling the stories.

The second picture is of the t shirt he got after the show. He just recently retired it (4 years later!). For a while it was in almost every picture we took, he wore it as much as he could. He said he loved it because it reminded him of how he felt watching the show.