June 2019

June s Brendan’s favorite month of the year. Besides school ending, it is also his birthday and Pride month!

This year’s Pride Parade was another warm day. We marched with Boston Public Schools – same as last year but a much bigger turnout! We saw friends along the way and had a great time.

Big news this month – Jenney was named a rummer up for Massachusetts Teacher of the Year! There was a special ceremony at the State House. We are all so proud of her! Her school decided to have a special day in her honor as a surprise. We all went to her school for the ceremony. The kids were dressed in her favorite colors. There was a special video. They had tshirts made in her honor as a surprise too. She was very moved. It was such a fun day!

On Brendan’s 12th birthday he found out he was not going to school – instead we were heading to New York to (finally) see HAMILTON! We also had an opportunity to see the Stonewall Inn as it was about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the riots.

School ended with all the fun end of the year events. The kids were very ready for a summer break. In the fall we will have a high school freshman. Yikes!

One of the highlights of the month for me – seeing the New Kids on the Block Mixtape tour with some very special friends!


James and the Giant Peach

Brendan was given an unbelievable opportunity – sharing the lead role in James and the Giant Peach with his best friend Cam. The cast included a few “old friends” and many news ones. Bren worked really hard and we were so proud of him. It was a fantastic show. Watching him in his element is always amazing but watching him sing on stage in this show was something truly special. It was a very emotional final performance saying goodbye to such a special role. So many friends and family members had the chance to see him too- even his sixth grade teachers!

Canobie Lake

We celebrated Memorial Day weekend in one of our favorite places – Canobie Lake! There were hardly lines and the kids had fun bringing a friend each- which meant Chris and I could ride our favorite rides over and over again! Bonus- it was Olivia’s birthday to so the Parisi and Sales families came along too!

Wallace Cousins

Chris’ cousin David and his family came to Boston for the weekend and we got to hang out with Wallace cousins! The boys love catching up with family!



This year’s Condon School musical was Seussical. Brendan’s part was Sour Kangaroo – sassy and sparkly. Bren had a great time making the part his own (wig and all) and having fun with all his school theater friends. We are forever thankful that he has such great opportunities at his school!


I had minor surgery a week before Easter and was recovering the actual week of Easter so much of it was a blur. But like all family holidays, we spent this one with family. And Brendan getting to wear a bunny costume to make Emilee laugh!


For many years we have gone to the circus with Chris’ parents. This year was another trip – and we enjoyed it like so many other years!

Aidan’s Concert

Aidan is loving music. He performed with his school band in the Spring Concert and with the Junior Jazz Band (Due Band). He plans to participate this summer in a music program at school to continue. It’s so fun to see him enjoying learning something new!