O’Brien Family Italian Adventure – Day 10

We headed home today! Even with a massive blizzard going on in Boston we were still able to leave Rome (via London) and only had a one hour delay! We did have pizza in London, because we’ve had it every day!

I’ve been sharing a few pictures each day on Instagram. We loved every minute of this trip and can’t wait until our next adventure!

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O’Brien Family Italian Adventure: Day 9

Today was an early day- we headed to the Vatican for the Pope’s weekly audience! It was pretty cool to see how many people were there for so many different countries. He was treated like a rockstar and was pretty funny too!

We then went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was our third attempt but the kids had been so great about going with the flow that we figured it would be a great last day treat.

Then we headed to the Vatican Museum. It was huge! Everything was beautiful including the Sistine Chapel. It was so crowded!

We missed out on going into St. Peter’s Basilica because the lines were so long. But we took a bunch of pictures of St. Peter’s Square all decorated. It was so pretty!

O’Brien Family Italian Adventure: Day 8

Today was pretty special. We rented a car and drove to Bari, a town on the other side of Rome. In a little town there called Tulizzi, my great- grandparents were married and my grandmother was baptized. Likely some distant cousins still live there too! We took pictures and looked around a bit. We couldn’t go in the Church since there was a funeral.

Then we headed to Pompeii. It was too late to see Pompeii but we saw Mount Vesuvius. Dinner on the road was a bit tricky- we ended up with double the pizza we expected!

Chris drove over 500 miles in one day and the kids were great (thankful for technology!). It was also pretty cool that we could FaceTime everyone at home so they could see too!