Fall 2020

School started remote for both the kids. There was a schedule but of course it is not the same as being in person with friends. All the fun things both kids enjoy – Brendan’s theater, Aidan’s music – just don’t happen in the same way. I’m back at school. We have a hybrid plan and lots of protocols in place. It’s very weird and a bit unsettling.

October was a difficult month for lots of reasons. We got through it together. This is hard. None of it is easy and we all need help. We are all coping in our own ways.

We continued with house renovations since we were all home so much. Chris stripped the wallpaper in the living room. He painted it yellow and did a great job accessorizing it. Brendan purged a lot of costumes which meant we were able to get rid of that box in the living room. We got a new couch as well. It looks like a whole new space! It looks like grown up love here now!

Emi had her 3rd birthday. Despite how challenging things are for each of us – having a 3 year old wanting to celebrate as a princess is a nice break from our stress!

Halloween didn’t much happen this year. Compared to years that Brendan has gone all out – wearing an animal onesie just didn’t seem to be up to par. I, on the other hand, had two costumes to make the girls smile – a ladybug and Billie Eilish.

As if the year couldn’t get any weirder – it was 80 degrees in November! Chris got an extra day kayaking in. Jenney and Aidan did too. Brendan and Emilee had fun at the beach. It was a very weird November day.

The highlight of November was the election. Of course we did not know for days the official winner. I found out officially from a text from Aidan. The best. Then we watched the coverage the rest of that Saturday. It was a bright spot after long months.

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