We have a trombone in the house.

Aidan now plays the trombone at school.

We see a lot of bad parking on our street and especially people who can’t parallel park. It got pretty awful one day, so Aidan went out on the porch to add a little music- sad trombone every time they had trouble.

We’re in trouble,

(Nick and Shirley sent us a gift of ear plugs a few days later)

Back to School

It was a fat but un summer and now it’s back to school. This year in two different schools.

Aidan is in 7th grade. Ug. New school for him- Boston Latin School. His routine consists of getting up at 5:30am, meeting a friend at 6:15am and then taking the bus at 6:40am. He’s excited about a new school, taking Latin and some of the clubs offered. It’s a big transition but he’s ready. And luckily has friends that are joining him there too.

Brendan is in 5th grade. He’s not thrilled with extra science classes but this year has swim and music class is instruments. He’s got a great teacher and seems to be settling in.

I can’t believe how big they got so quickly. It feels like they were just going to Walnut Park together.

What Aidan did on his Summer Vacation

Aidan’s past few summers have been mixed with a variety of different camps- some lasting a week or two, all focused on science or computers. This summer he had the opportunity to try something a little bit different- a seven week leadership training opportunity that included an internship!

Two days a week he was at the South Boston Neighborhood House. There were field trips (rock climbing! state parks!) and a summer long project. It was a Shark Tank- develop an idea to present to a group of adults who would score the idea based on creativity, planning and presentation.

Aidan’s idea was called “Sharebrella”- an umbrella crowd sharing service. It was great! And for a kid who doesn’t like public speaking- he did a great job!

For his internship, Aidan spent two days a week working at the State House for State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry. He answered questions and helped do research. He also had the opportunity to attend an intern day at the Edward Kennedy Museum.

That left three day weekends which he filled hanging out with friends and being a typical 12 year old boy (video games, Nerf wars, etc). He says it was his favorite summer. We would definitely agree!