This year’s Condon School musical was Seussical. Brendan’s part was Sour Kangaroo – sassy and sparkly. Bren had a great time making the part his own (wig and all) and having fun with all his school theater friends. We are forever thankful that he has such great opportunities at his school!


I had minor surgery a week before Easter and was recovering the actual week of Easter so much of it was a blur. But like all family holidays, we spent this one with family. And Brendan getting to wear a bunny costume to make Emilee laugh!


For many years we have gone to the circus with Chris’ parents. This year was another trip – and we enjoyed it like so many other years!

Aidan’s Concert

Aidan is loving music. He performed with his school band in the Spring Concert and with the Junior Jazz Band (Due Band). He plans to participate this summer in a music program at school to continue. It’s so fun to see him enjoying learning something new!

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