What a week

Every once in a while we have a crazy week where it seems like everything happens at once. This was that week. But almost all of the events were tied to the arts- so really it was a terrific week.

We started off with attending the Boston Public Schools Youth Arts Month exhibit. Aidan had two tiles as part of the exhibit. The artwork was incredible from all the schools and we were so proud of the Condon’s work. This is actually the second time Aidan has had work as part of this exhibit!

As a culmination of the Disney Musicals in Schools Program- the four schools performed on the Shubert Theatre stage. While it was bust being on the event side, it was special to see Brendan and his Condon friends on the stage performing Lion King. Bren even found the Show Boat cast painting with some help.

We finished the week with Aidan’s piano recital. Not only did he do a great job but he also arranged his own piece. It was so impressive! 

There were other things going on too- Bren wanted to see the 4th Church performances of Godspell, I chaperoned Aidan’s middle school field trip to the Reggie Lewis Center for an Erg competition and Maureen took Aidan to the Boston Latin Open House.

We need a weekend to recover from all the fun but appreciate all the ways the kids are involved in their community and especially everyone who helps them appreciate the arts.






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