Our Canadian Adventure

Getting started on my list of things to catch up on.  One of the highlights of the summer was our adventure to Canada to see Maureen.

The plan was to fly to Buffalo then rent a car to drive to Toronto.  The flight was fine, the rental not so much.  The tire needed air almost immediately (in the pouring rain of course).  After hours of traffic, we crossed the border and had- a flat tire.

We parked in a Tim Horton’s (Dunkin Donuts).  Chris tried for a while to change the tire, it was seized.  He called CAA (AAA).  It took them over an hour to get there.  More time to fix it.  In the end the kids were in Time Hortons for almost 3 hours (Brendan in Superman pjs by this time).  We left Boston at noon.  We got to our hotel at midnight.  Great start.

The Sox game was great, even if they lost.  The kids had a fun time.  We were in the kids section with lots of kid friendly entertainment.  I love live games.

More drama ensued with the rental which could not be exchanged sue to the unavailability of another sized car.  Way too much time on the phone, time to get to the airport only to find this out, and to find out that WE would have to take the tire to be fixed!!!!!!!!

So Chris did that Sunday morning and two Canadaian Tire shops later, we had a new tire.  We went to the zoo.  Its beautiful there!  Aidan had an accident and fell off a statue and got a flat lip.  It was a bad fall, I though teeth would be lost!  We got to see Maureen’s apartment and she made us pizza!!!

Traveling home was much easier, in the end our rental was comp-ed.  The hotel was beautiful, the pool was a huge highlight and the boys saw their first Sox game.  But I don’t think Uncle Richard will ever want to travel with us again!!!!

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