Aidan’s Summer

Last summer Aidan participated in the Summer Leadership Internship Program. He really enjoyed in and participated again this summer.

His internship was very different this summer. This year he worked at American Provisions, a local store. He sticked items and did some work around the store. He also learned how to make an amazing grilled cheese!

Musical Concerts

We are very lucky that the kids have such great exposure to music through school and outside school activities. We were sure to include musical activities when they were younger and its great to see that they have continued.

Aidan had his spring music concert at Latin School. He plays the trombone in the 7th grade band. This year the concert honored alum Leonard Bernstein on his 100th birthday. Here are links to his performances.

Clip 1 * Clip 2 * Clip 3

Brendan had his show choir concert, he is in Junior Show Choir.

Clip 1 * Clip 2 * Clip 3 * Clip 4 * Clip 5

We love seeing the boys perform and hope music continues to be part of their lives.