Mr. Brendan and his bucket of parts

As demonstrated I cannot handle multitasking with children. I was washing dishes. Changed Brendan’s diaper (and noticed there was marker on his legs probably because the shoes are too hard to get off his feet!). Then I went back to cleaning up. During this time Brendan took out lots of toys. Maureen came for lunch, we cleaned up and we got ready to go to Sully’s.

Maureen carried Brendan, I carried Brendan. We had lunch, we played at the playground. Lots of fun.

Then we came home.

I went to change Brendan’s diaper again to get ready for naps and saw something poking out from his side under his onsie.

Mr. Potato head’s arm!

I called for Maureen and found more Mr. Potato head’s things! Eyes, noses, earring!

Here is everything we found!


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