Puerto Rico

A lot of factors went into planning for this year’s family vacation. We knew February school vacation week would be a good choice since for the first time ever Nicole didn’t have to work and/or Brendan was in a show.

Last year we went to Italy – an adventure. This year we decided would be a vacation. Also known as beach, pool and no plans. Even better for a February trip.

Puerto Rico was a top choice because we wanted to support tourism there as the island continued to recover from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Brendan has clear memories friends shared during Merrily We Roll Along about the devastation and lack of relief and resources.

We were lucky that the Parisi’s also wanted to get away! We spent time relaxing and swimming. And getting sunburns. We stayed in Dorado which was beautiful and took a day trip on a boat to a private island. It was the perfect escape. We also celebrated GiGi’s 6th birthday too!

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