National Coming Out Day

October 11th was National Coming Out Day It began 29 years ago to mark the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The march featured the first public display of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. That night The History Project honored Larry Kessler, the first Director and one of the founders of AIDS Action Committee (part of a long list of contributions to AIDS service organizations). There is so much that could be said about such a remarkable man. Learning about him has been a master class in leadership, service and compassion. We could use more Larrys in the world.
Separately, the same week, Brendan’s class was asked for Art class to draw the flag that best represents them. The flags would be displayed in the classroom for Open House. Here’s Brendan’s artwork. It prompted conversations in his class, but Brendan, as always, is his authentic self.

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