Thoughts on our trip


We have been home from England for a week now.  Today the photobook arrived with all our pictures from our trip.  There are actually two books- one of the trip and one of just the Harry Potter pictures.

I’ve had time to think about our trip a lot.  It was so much fun but it was also an amazing experience.  There was seeing all the sites and marveling at the history of all the places we were.  But there was also the family time.  Ten uninterrupted days of the four of us having fun, laughing together and enjoying one another.  I have  said so often how much I love the kids at the ages they are at- they are independent, they are interesting and they are fun.  We could enjoy the tube and walking around, having dinner together and talking about our day.  We could plan together, we could get ideas from each other.

IMG_0804I loved holding their hands while walking, watching them hold Chris’ hand or each others.  In a few short years they won’t want to do that.  My heart melted seeing Aidan’s face with all its awe and wonder looking at the Harry Potter exhibits.  Watching Brendan sing the words to “For Good” during Wicked brought tears to my eyes.

I will remember how much I loved Canterbury and Oxford, how I almost broke my finger at Leeds Castle, how the tour “forgot” us, the night Chris’ dinner never came, seeing London from the top of the Eye, riding the tube and double decker buses and the magic of the theaters.  I will also remember my two not so little boys frozen in time when our family had a great adventure in England.  IMG_1207

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