2018 Christmas Card

After much planning and discussion (starting in the summer), and in keeping with our family tradition, we came up with a very fun idea for our holiday card. Our theme is chaotic, messy, fun – just what the holidays are all about.

We were fortunate that Nile Scott Studios – the same photographer who shot Brendan’s headshots – was able to help us. We discussed a mess that would mean a food fight or mud fight. In the end we decided on confetti cannons and silly string – both used for recent birthday celebrations. We had clothes to play in and our Christmas pjs.

Here they are – our messy, chaotic, fun holiday pictures.







We try to be thankful as often as we can, but Thanksgiving is an especially appropriate time to recognize how appreciative we are of the people in our lives. As a holiday it’s a pretty easy one for us- everyone is close by and it’s low stress. Just the way we like it!

Additionally I was able to go back again to the Boston Living Center and their annual Celebration of Life Thanksgiving Dinner. It was just the right way to kick off the holiday season.

Pascarelli Family Pictures

Six years ago we took family pictures to surprise our parents. It was of the three of us girls (plus Chris and James) and the four kids. For our parents anniversary we decided it was time to update them- this time with Emilee and our parents. It took weeks of planning and the day of it was a rainy day. But the pictures came out great!