Ice Castles

Tracy and I decided that instead of giving each other’s families gifts, we would go on a joint trip. Tracy had mentioned wanting to see the Ice Castles in New Hampshire. We found a hotel with a pool and made a night of it with our parents and Jenney and Laura too!

The Prom

We decided to purposefully make this Christmas vacation low key and relaxing. With one exception – a trip to New York to see the new Broadway musical The Prom.

Brendan’s friend Sheldon who was in ShowBoat with him (and was able to score a birthday message from a couple of Hamilton stars) is in the show. It is his Broadway debut.

We loved the show! It has a great message and great music. The dancing is pretty amazing too! After the show we got to congratulate Sheldon backstage. He was super kind to have a swag bag for Brendan too!

Our fingers are crossed that this show continues its success and does well at the Tony Awards this spring!