Going Viral

Social media is a funny thing. I love reading stories on line- sometime it’s a nice break from the “news.” I also like sharing stories about the kids, thought lately Aidan has asked me to do so less.

We were very proud of Brendan’s work on his Audra McDonald project – the time he put into it and the enthusiasm he had about the project. Homework is not something he loves but this project was fun for him. I posted on my social media accounts the day he presented his project at school.

More than just being proud of him, we were proud that he goes to a school that loves and accepts him and that he felt comfortable being who he is. It got a lot of likes and shares. Including by Audra McDonald.

And then it became a story on the Huffington Post Parents site.

And then the story was tweeted by Chelsea Clinton.

And then Chelsea’s message (and the story) were re-tweeted by Audra McDonald.

The messages, shares, retweets and likes from friends as well as people we didn’t even know started. Almost all of them were kind. We looked through them amazed at how fast the story traveled and how many people applauded Brendan and his school.

Then PopSugar reached out and wanted to do their own piece saying that they had a small clip of Audra McDonald talking about Brendan’s story. Truly remarkable.

Chris and I had planned the New York trip a couple weeks before. But it happened to coincide with the two stories. When we went backstage a few actors talked to Brendan about it. He couldn’t believe they knew who he was.

A couple days later the lead actor from the King and I reached out inviting our family to the show and backstage to meet the cast.

The TV show The Chew contacted me when they planned to have Audra McDonald on to ask permission to use Brendan’s picture (she ended up missing the appearance because she had the flu).

We are still in awe looking back at the kind messages. I copied and pasted them all in a document for Brendan to have, and especially from the theater community- including several local theater companies. I read names attached to messages to Brendan as his eye got wider and wider, beaming with pride that such remarkable people he admires took time to acknowledge his project. Brendan is truly blessed to have so much love and support.

Never doubt there are good people in the world.

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