The Lion King


The last I posted about the Lion King, the new drama production at 4th Church, Brendan was lobbying to get the part of “Little Simba.” Well, he got it. And for weeks he has been practicing and singing and living for Tuesdays and drama practice.

He has made lots of great friends and has loved every minute of practice. He has also loved all the parts of the production- the staging and direction, choreography and costumes. He lit up the first time he saw the set. Watching him has been an absolute thrill. Watching other people watch him has been even more a thrill. He makes people laugh and he loves every minute of it.

A cool thing happened during both shows. Kids (as expected) forgot lines. But rather than adults on the sides helping them, they helped each other. It was extraordinary to watch. I often comment on the lack of “team sports” Brendan is interested in. But he really was part of a team in drama and relied on his teammates. He they relied on him.

He was also super excited to invite so many friends and family to the show. He loved seeing his teachers from school and swimming and his friends from swimming and school and even Aidan’s friends there. There is almost no living with him!

Here are some pictures and videos from the show!




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