Date Nights

Brendan’s schedule with Summer Studios means getting home late- sometimes almost 8pm. And Aidan has been enjoying his summer program and hanging out with friends. Which means he is not always home either. We have had this odd experience of being able to go to dinner- date nights! – without kids.

It’s been fun but a little weird. It two happened the same week we were already planning to go with Paul and Heather to the Red Sox game. That meant three nights in one week getting to be adults and not eating at places with a kids meal!

We enjoyed it but also missed the silliness of family dinners too.

Reliving My Youth

Back in January it was announced that New Kids on the Block would be playing Fenway Park in the summer along with Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men. Fenway in the summer is the perfect place to be for a concert and a childhood favorite? Yes, yes please.

A dozen group texts later and emails later we had a plan- eight of us- my best friends- would be going. With the help of Shirley’s coworker who had an American Express card and could get our tickets in advance.

It POURED the night of the concert – they had to stop Paula Abdual’s performance and evacuate the field for 45 minutes. But we were in a covered area- neon gloves, 80’s make up and hair and all. It was an awesome night being my 10 year old self again!