Brendan is 10

Somehow a decade has passed with Brendan in our lives. He has certainly made life exciting, happy and colorful! He was so excited by Chris’ surprise cake- Kinky Boots- in honor of his new favorite show. Can’t wait to see what the next ten years bring!


Wicked in Boston

Brendan has loved the musical Wicked for a long time. We saw it in London. We saw it on tour in Seattle. Brendan dressed up like Elphaba for Halloween for his school party. He was over the moon excited to meet Kristen Chenoweth as well as see Idina Menzel in concert. Chris even made him a Wicked cake for his birthday last year. He even talked about how much he loved the show with Neil Patrick Harris (while wearing the Wicked shirt he has lived in for two years). So we obviously had to see it in Boston.

Austin was in the pit, Mary and Nancy were backstage and a college friend was in the ensemble. Not only was the show amazing but getting to see backstage- and meet the stars- was a dream night for Brendan.

No H8

When Brendan was working on his Audra McDonald project, he learned that she and many other people in the theater world and beyond, support the No H8 campaign. He was really interested in the anti-bullying message and the way the photographs of people show their support as well. The No H8 Campaign came to Boston and we joined with many others by having our pictures taken too!