Summer Studios 2017

It’s weird to think back to almost 4 year old Brendan insisting he go to theater camp, but here we are seven summers later and it is the highlight every year of his summer. This year was no exception.

The events of the past spring with the fall out of Cuckoos Nest, made it uncertain at times that Summer Studios would even happen. Something never completely shared with Brendan. So to sit in the audience and see the opening number, just like sitting in the theater on the opening day of Studio 4, was bit overwhelming. It all came together, and my reasons (beyond it was the right thing to do) for fighting so hard, were clearly focused on Brendan doing what he loved with the people he loves.

He was Grandmaster Chad in Legally Blonde. He rapped (video!). I literally had tears streaming down my cheeks watching him. The show was fantastic. He made lots of great new friends and saw old friends.

My friend Michael also got to come for a Master Class- appropriate the day after the Wicked cast opened Legally Blonde. It’s been fun to have worlds collide but also be able to see Ben in his element.

Most important of all- he could be himself- costumes, make up, wigs and show tunes. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

End of the School Year

Somehow the school year is over. Sixth grade and fourth grade are done. So too, is our time of having kids in the same school. For four years (and another one year at Walnut Park) drop off and pick up time has been easy. And that changes in September.

It starts feeling like the end of the school year at the annual Flag Day celebration. The school comes together for patriotic song but also to reflect on the year. This year they honored Mr. Black, our music teacher- much beloved by Brendan- who passed away in February. Brendan’s class led an emotional tribute. There were also fun parts of the celebration- Mr. Chisholm’s 40th birthday and the pie in the face middle school fundraiser. That event coupled with a great field day left me sending Chris the same message on both days- we made the right choice when we decided to send the kids to the Condon.

Aidan had a great year. He had four great teachers, a locker and time to hang out with friends. He has braces now, contacts- if he chooses to wear them- and more confidence in himself. He’s ready to move on. He was on the honor role. His teachers commented on responsibility. At the closing assembly he received the citizenship award with his longtime friend and classmate reading a description that included “he’s the first to volunteer to help and always says thank you.” We couldn’t be prouder of him.

Fourth grade for Brendan was just as great. He had a teacher who helped him understand his work while finding ways to make it fun- including his Black History Month Project. She let him be with his friends and found ways to use that to her advantage by partnering friends who helped keep each other on task. As the end of the year assembly he received the Dance Award. It was the first year the assembly included awards not just for character and content but also creativity. You couldn’t want a better place for a creative kid.

First Day and Last Day