In the summer of 2015 Brendan was asked to participate in a short movie directed by an Emerson College professor. Several theater actors were also participating and Brendan thought it would be fun. In total it was about four days long.

This week we got to see the movie! It depicts the realities of a family effected by McCarthyism and the Red Scare. It was interesting to watch and to see Brendan (looking so little!!) on screen!

IRNE Awards

Last year Brendan had a great time attending the IRNE Awards honoring local professional theater. This year he was excited to attend again because Show Boat was nominated for 16 awards! Bren had fun catching up with lots of friends. AND Show Boat won 5 Awards including Outstanding Musical (Large Theater), Outstanding Musical Direction (Large Theater), Outstanding Director (Large Theater), Outstanding Set Design (Large Theater) and Outstanding Ensemble (Large Theater). And so many talented people and shows we enjoyed were also honored. What a night!!

The kindness of others

Easter Part 2 involved a special family night at The King and I.

As we have said countless times, the theater community is extraordinary. We have seen this time and again with the kindness others have shown Brendan and most recently when the story about his Black History Month project went viral. Many people posted and tweeted Bren’s story including Jose Llana, the King in The King and I on tour. He is friends with a director Brendan worked with who tagged me in the post and offered kind word. A few days later Jose reached out. He offered our family tickets to the show and an opportunity to go back stage and meet the cast!

What a night! The show was incredible. The cast and everyone we met was so kind!